Leading 4th Industrial Revolution


In order to enhance corporate competitiveness and develop overseas markets, we are providing support for Gyeonggi-do Technology Development Projects.

  • •  Supporting enterprise-led technology innovation development: on-site R&D support based on demand from SMEs
  • •  Providing platform for technological innovation and growth and development through technology development support for technology-based start-ups in Gyeonggi-do
  • •  Responding to 4th Industrial Revolution and supporting development of new growth industries and specialized industries in northern region

We will foster the textile industry as a specialized industry representing Gyeonggi-do through the Gyeonggi-do Textile Technology Development Project.

  • •  Promoting commercialization of new products and markets by supporting technology development of textile companies in Gyeonggi-do
  • •  Developing high value-added fiber materials (highly functional and eco-friendly) and future-leading strategic technology

We will strengthen customized R&D support for Gyeonggi-do.

  • •  Nurturing sleeping aid products and service industries into new future industries by supporting advanced technology-based R&D
  • •  Establishing science and technology communication channel by providing objective verification and support system for new technology that was suggested by residents of Gyeonggi-do but not certified yet

Through a shared growth R&D project, the GBSA is leading the way in securing sales channels through technological development.

  • •  Giving support for technology development to SMEs that secured technology demand in Gyeonggi-do. Creating win-win growth ecosystem for mutual growth between SMEs and big companies
  • •   Creating win-win growth ecosystem for mutual growth between SMEs and big companies

We will lead the creation of a future technology ecosystem by intensively fostering robot R&D in Gyeonggi-do.

  • •  Development and diffusion support for collaborative robots, service robots, etc.
  • •  Creating leading-edge robot industry ecosystem with Gyeonggi-do taking lead