Fostering Bio-tech and Health Industries


We are leading the way in building a 'global bio-health innovation base' in Gyeonggi-do.

  • •  Playing roles of control tower for nurture of bio-tech and health industries (food, medicine, beauty, medical equipment, health care, etc.) in Gyeonggi-do
  • •  Establishing general support system for Gyeonggi-do R&DB in connection with mid- to long-term strategies for bio-tech and health industries in Gyeonggi-do

We will boost bio-health companies' competitiveness with field-oriented company support and customized research services.

  • •  Supporting commercialization of biotechnology based on corporate demand through joint technology development and public technology transfer
  • •  Providing test and analysis services based on advanced research equipment such as material discovery, component/characteristics analysis, cell/animal efficacy evaluation, and prototype development

We are realizing public value by conducting research projects in response to health, environmental and social issues and local issues.

  • •  Promote public R&D to respond to and improve community problems such as environmental diseases, disaster response, aging society, and eco-friendly material development
  • •  Support for commercialization of regional resources and fostering of regional specialization and conversion industries

We are striving to foster new technologies and convergence new bio-tech and health industries.

  • •  Establishing national/regional industrial, academic, academic, and military cooperation systems to support innovative growth of new bio and health industries
  • •  Running demonstration platform for innovative technology convergence bio-tech and health data-based products and services of 4th Industrial Revolution