Export and Marketing Support


We provide the opportunities of entering into the overseas market.

  • •  We are enhancing export competitiveness of business through export supporting program customized for each stage.
    1. Transferring the Domestic
      Market Focused SMEs to Exporters
      (Beginning Exporter)

    2. Promising exporter

    3. Global small giant

  • - (Beginning exporter) Business of domestic consumption and beginning exporter with export record below US$ 1 million. Export competence such as export fundamental is provided.
  • - (Promising exporter) Promising exporter with export record between US$ 1 million ~ 5 million is supported to expand export route.
  • - (Global small giant) Exporter with export record over US$ 5 million is supported to enhance competence to be global small & strong enterprise.

We will take initiative to expand overseas market based on target market and to diversify export market.

  • - (Advanced market) Supporting specialization in advanced market such as US, EU, Japan, etc(supporting exhibition)
  • - (Growing market) Supporting mainly Trade meeting in Korea for newly emerging market such as India, Southeast Asia, China, etc
  • - (Assuring the export base) Diversifying export markets and expand new sales channels by operating 12 Gyeonggi Business Centers (GBCs) in 9 countries and expanding network of ‘Gyeonggi World Trade Center Suwon’

We will actively countermeasure the fast changing policy of overseas countries.

  • •  To actively meet the change in global market environment such as enhancement of protectionism
  • •  To concentrate on finding substitute market in order to decrease excessive export dependency on China