GBSA Message


We will become a facilitator for
innovative growth that leads
economic development of

The GBSA is carrying out a variety of small and medium-sized projects in Gyeonggi-do from developing ideas from start up foundation to commercialization of their products and services and developing overseas markets for them and are leading the way in revitalizing Gyeonggi-do’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and fostering small but strong global enterprises. In addition, we are striving not only to support science and technology R&D, but to foster the bio-tech industry and advance the local industry.
In addition, we are acting as the control tower of the 4th Industrial Revolution to promote science and technology in Gyeonggi-do and secure a sustainable future growth engine.
In the future, the GBSA will steadily lead Gyeonggi-do’s development of future growth engines and job creation, and the growth of Korean companies in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We would like to ask for your generous support and encouragement so that the GBSA will be able to create a better future of Gyeonggi-do and become a more trusted organization for customers.