Revitalization of Regional and Specialized Industries


We are taking the lead in on-site close support to strengthen the competitiveness of specialized industries in Gyeonggi-do.

  • •  Taking lead in strengthening competitiveness of furniture companies
    • - Support for advancement of furniture industry through customized projects to strengthen the competitiveness of the furniture industry
    • - Marketing support projects for domestic and overseas sales channels for furniture companies
  • •  Efforts to develop overseas markets for textile industry and boost their productivity
    • - Strengthening global capabilities of textile companies in Gyeonggi-do and developing sales channels for them through Gyeonggi Textile Marketing Center (GTCs in 6 locations of 4 countries)
    • - Strengthening the technological competitiveness of textile companies in Gyeonggi-do through support projects for fabric design development and clothing and technology development in textile sector
    • - Enhancement of textile business support through infrastructure cooperation by Gyeonggi Textile Comprehensive Support Center, Gyeonggi Textile & Sewing Knowledge Industry Center, Gyeonggi Textile Raw Materials Center, Korea Textile Materials Research Institute, etc.
    • - Promoting Gyeonggi-do fabrics and develop domestic and overseas markets for textile companies in Gyeonggi-do through domestic and foreign exhibitions in the field of textiles and Gyeonggi Knit Fashion Show in Gyeonggi
  • •  Communicating with customers through on-site corporate support services
    • - Reinforcing customer-centered support by operating SOS center in the north area of Gyeonggi-do to address corporate difficulties

We will grow small and venture companies in growth stage into small but strong companies through corporate support infrastructure and customized support.

  • •  Laying foundation for helping small and medium-sized venture companies grow into small but strong enterprises by providing affordable work spaces and public facilities by utilizing 17 Venture Start-Up Support Centers in Gyeonggi-do.
  • •  Marketing, commercialization, technology, global, management support, etc., tailored for each growth stage to resolve difficulties and create new technologies and new markets to help small companies grow into excellent famous companies