Support for Growth of SMEs


Promoting and fostering innovative growth of SMEs as leading Gyeonggi-do companies

  • •  Supporting product development and commercialization closely so that SMEs7ideas can be commercialized
    • - Support for design development and business convergence growth, companion animal product industry development, etc.
  • •  Supporting capital investment to lead SMEs'growth and new leap forward
    • - Performing roles of venture capital through operation of investment associations and supporting IPOs
  • •  Promote regional economic innovation by fostering small businesses that can create decent jobs in Gyeonggi-do
    • - Fostering excellent Gyeonggi-do companies by supporting all processes from technological innovation and product innovation for technologically excellent and exporting SMEs to market development.

We will create Gyeonggi-do as a business-friendly region by resolving corporate difficulties and discovering and certifying excellent companies.

  • •  Contributing to establishment of good business environment in Gyeonggi-do through eased regulations and customer-centered support by operating online/offline counseling center by experts to solve difficulties facing companies in field in timely manner.
  • •  Efforts to increase entrepreneurial self-esteem and improve corporate awareness by discovering and certifying promising small and medium-sized businesses in Gyeonggi-do, good companies to work for, good Gyeonggi-do companies, and excellent companies for female employees

We are contributing to fostering innovative and talented people in Gyeonggido by providing training programs to strengthen SME employees’ ability, giving job information to unemployed people, and foster top managers in overseas marketing. .

  • •  Enhancing corporate competitiveness by providing optimal training courses suitable for SME employees
  • •  Support on-site customized education that can meet needs of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • •  Enhancing employment rate and addressing manpower shortage through professional training and employment linkage for unemployed
  • •  Providing overseas business education courses and networking support for CEOs