Start-up and Venture Support


We will make Gyeonggi-do a center for innovative start-ups full of fairness and innovation by operating customized support programs from the Pre-BI stage to the BI stage to the Post-BI stage and building and operating infrastructure.

  • •  Providing joint start-up space for beginning entrepreneurs with excellent skills and items, and providing commercialization support funds such as prototype production costs to improve success rates and create jobs
  • •   Discovering and nurturing would-be entrepreneurs with excellent ideas and operating programs with local residents by establishing “Station-G”, youth startup space in idle areas under railway bridges.
  • •   Fostering innovative SMEs by running Gyeonggi Venture Business Incubation Center to support (would-be) beginning business founders in field of innovative technology to provide space and support for investment connections
  • •   Operating Gyeonggi Venture Entrepreneurship Support Centers in 17 regions in Gyeonggi-do to foster small businesses through low-cost spaces for promising small and medium-sized venture companies and support for marketing, commercialization technology, global advancement, and management

We will expand opportunities for re-challenge by not holding those who worked hard but failed responsible and establishing virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship (initiation → failure → re-challenge)

  • •  Running re-challenge center to relieve companies making comeback of fear of failing again and support them so that they will be able to take off (legal, tax, rehabilitation process counseling and career consulting)
  • •   Inducing successful business re-foundation by discovering (would-be) excellent entrepreneurs attempting to make comeback and providing systematic training, mentoring, and commercialization support

We will take the lead in discovering new growth engines and creating high valueadded jobs by intensively fostering

startups in industries for the 4th industry and specialized industries.

  • •  Leading 4th industry and laying foundation for convergence by supporting start-ups in 4th industry’s strategic areas such as fintech, IoT, and blockchains
  • •  Contributing to successful start-ups and job creation by supporting technology commercialization of (wouldbe) entrepreneurs with excellent items in pet animal industry field, promising future industry
  • •  Find (would-be) entrepreneur with high growth potential as model of shared economy business and support him or to succeed in market and foster his or her company to become leading sharing company
  • •  Revitalizing local economies and creating high-quality jobs by intensively supporting companies in business incubator centers in association with specialized industries in Gyeonggi-do

Promoting development of promising start-ups by supporting private venturerelated technology entrepreneurship using excellent resources (investment, network, etc.) in private sector

  • •  Operating Gyeonggi Startup Platform ( to provide entrepreneurs with an easy-to-start environment and share public and private business foundation resources
  • •  Promoting development of promising start-up companies through private investment-related technology start-up support using excellent resources in private sector (investment, network, etc.)
  • •  Growing Pangyo Startup Campus into startup hub in Gyeonggi-do by establishing and fostering startups and operating innovative startup programs.
  • •  Holding “New Gyeonggi Business Opening Competition” to create start-up boom in Gyeonggi-do